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Two brilliant sources for Canada: Changing Populations

Stats Canada have really upped their game with the quality of some of their data visualizations. Canada's Population Clock provides real-time modelling of births, deaths, immigration and emigration, and makes a great lesson starter.

Over at Immigration, Stats Canada have created a unique set of circle graphs showing Origins and Destinations of immigrants to Canada. Click on a circle to delve into specific time periods, regions, countries and for destinations, even cities.

For more, see the Canada: Changing Populations page.

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Solve the Climate Change crisis – Interactively. Work with multiple scenarios to reduce GHGs to limit atmospheric temperatures to a rise of 2°C or even 1.5°C. The simulator really brings home the idea of multiple solutions and trade-offs.

For more, see Climate Change Solutions under Climate Change.

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Fundamental and essential to understanding Changing Populations are these two geographic models, while being careful not to use these as geographic determinism!

For more, visit Demographics in the Digital Atlas Project.

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