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Map Projections

Despite the best efforts of the Flat-Earth Society, the world is, in fact, a globe. However, this creates a problem since it is impossible to accurately render the surface of a three-dimensional globe onto a flat surface. Ever try to peel an orange in one piece, then stretch out the peel to a rectangle? Now you see the problem. The way around it is by using "projections" to approximate the world as we know it.

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Cartography is the fine art of map-making. Most maps are fairly clinical, but they still require knowledge of colour and design to make them presentable. Yet maps can also inspire, and that's where the graphic artist comes in.

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A GIS is a Geographic Information system. Basically, it's a map on steroids. Data is specifically tagged to location allowing very complex mapping and analysis, layer by layer.

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Map Projections

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Map Projections

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- print on card stock -from 3D Geography

Beautiful Paper Globe

ready for your pencil crayons
- print on card stock -

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World Regions Map

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