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The Digital Atlas Project is a freely-available online atlas targeted to students and teachers from around the globe, searching for up-to-date world and regional maps, data, and visualizations for learning geography.

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Weekly GeoSource 8
Extensive data, helpful learning videos with Hans Rosling's famous bubble-graph visualization tools PLUS DollarStreet – this is a GeoEssential website! Challenge your thinking with the Gapminder test!

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This month, the Digital Atlas Project is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Lila Engberg – a true trailblazer and mentor who, as a professor of Home Economics at the University of Guelph, assisted marginalized women in Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Brazil from the early 1960s right through her very long career. Lila's thoughtful and passionate engagement in justice issues will be greatly missed.

World Political VHiRes
Vegetation Cover - Biomes | Source
World PhysicalVHiRes
World Time ZonesInstructional Video (4:16)
World Political Map - Detailed JPG | PDF
Population DensityWiki

These political, physical, and demographic maps will assist you with classroom work, remote learning, doing homework, completing projects, and preparing lessons. The resources on these pages cover many of the curriculum elements for middle years and high school in Canada and the United States, Key Stages 2 and 3 in England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as GCSE, IGCSE, A level, AP, and IB Diploma students around the world.

Become a contributor! Students and teachers pour over thousands of websites, maps, and geography resources every day. If you find a public or creative commons map, diagram, or graphic that would help build a more complete online atlas, then please forward the link to the Digital Atlas Project Team.

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What are continents? (3:49)

How many countries are there? (5:25)

WEForum: What are the 10 biggest global challenges?

Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times (34:09) | UN SDGs Website

Global tropical cyclone (or hurricane) tracks

Tropical Cyclone / Hurricane Tracks

Earth – Natural Land Cover

Global distribution of tornadoes

Wiki: Tornadoes

Latest World Earthquakes

Latest Tropical Cyclones - CIMSS

Latest Volcanoes - Smithsonian

Population 2018 WorldMapper

NASA Earth Observatory
Mission Biomes

NASA EO Global Maps


Wiki: Religion: Dominant Religion in each Country

Wiki: Median Age, 2017

Wiki: Population Increase 2010-2015

Wiki: Life Expectancy, 2016

Our World in Data

Wiki: HDI
Human Development Index
UN Data

SDG Tracker | UNDP Site

COVID-19 Data

Subnational HDI

Migration and Refugees

Population Growth | Map
Full Article with charts
from Our World in Data

Fertility Rate

Democracy Index
Website | Video

Urban Population Data

→ search and download to spreadsheet

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Interactive urbanization map from the Economist

UN Urbanization Maps

World's Largest Cities


True Size of . . .

Earth-Sun Relationships & the Seasons
Animation | Wiki

Population Pyramids
Age-Sex Graphs | Video

World Migration
Simply the best visual weather website (and iOS/Android app)


What's my place in the world population?


Mapmerizer - Two Cities Side-by-Side

Urban Footprints | Source

City Comparisons

Treepedia - Canopy Cover in Cities

NASA Earth Observatory
Image of the Day

Flag Map of the World

Visual Capitalist: The $88 Trillion World Economy