The Digital Atlas Project is a freely-available online atlas for students and teachers around the globe, searching for up-to-date world and regional maps, data, and visualizations for learning geography.

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World Biomes

World Time ZonesInstructional Video (4:16)
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Help kick-start discussions in any world geography course by taking the Gapminder Quiz. Better than any lesson, video or documentary, the quiz will "Upgrade your worldview!" Gapminder is also the source for Bubble Charts, Maps, Pyramids, Line Charts, Ranks, Income Mountains, Dollar Street and the always helpful slide shows and Hans Rosling videos.

For more, visit the Demographics page and the Development page.

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UN Demographic Maps

Latest World Earthquakes

Latest Volcanoes - Smithsonian

Latest Tropical Cyclones - CIMSS

World Carbon Events

World Air Quality Index

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These political, physical, and demographic maps, videos and visualizations will assist you with classroom work, remote learning, doing homework, completing projects, and preparing lessons. The resources on these pages cover many of the curriculum elements for middle years and high school in Canada and the United States, Key Stages 2 and 3 in England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as GCSE, IGCSE, A level, AP, IB MYP and DP students and teachers around the world.

Become a contributor! Students and teachers pour over thousands of websites, maps, and geography resources every day. If you find a public or creative commons map, diagram, or graphic that would help build a more complete online atlas, then please forward the link to the DigitalAtlasProject Team.