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Map Projections

Map Skills: Cartography

Compass and Map Directions

Latitude and Longitude

Time Zones

Topographic Maps

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  • Basic Geography Skills,

  • The Media and Bias, and

  • Geography Fieldwork


Basic Geography Skills

What is Geography?
An inquiry-based model for investigating Geography

Activity: Learning through the Lens of Geography
or Speaking Geographese
gDoc | PDF

Asking the right Questions in Geography

Case Study Template (gDoc)

Reading Maps & Globes (14:42)

How to interpret a satellite image: five tips and strategies (NASA EO)

Reading Data Visualizations: Maps & Graphs
(Earth Rocks! 9:52)

The Media and Bias

Interactive Media Bias Chart

Authenticating Information

11 Cognitive Biases That Influence Political Outcomes

24 Cognitive Biases That Are Warping Your Perception of Reality

How to Detect Bias in News Media (FAIR)

Detecting Bias in Media
(1-page PDF)

50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

Geography Fieldwork

Introduction to Fieldwork (BBC Bitesize)

GeogIT Geography Fieldwork App (iOS and Android) from the Geography Fieldwork Academy

Geography Fieldwork from the GA

Fieldwork Resources from the RGS

Geographical Investigation Overview PDF (FSC)

Types of Fieldwork Investigations

Fieldwork Statistical Methods