Geopolitics is the study of how human and physical geographical features affect politics and international relations. (Wiki article)

Spheres of Influence Today - Wiki

Cold War - 1959 - Wiki

World Systems Theory
Core and Periphery Countries (Wiki)

World Systems Theory

Global Shift: The consequences of globalization, free trade and outsourcing (4:23)

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VOX: China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade (5:58)

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Part 2 - 2014 (9:11)
Part 3 - 2017 (12:05)

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WonderWhy: The Break-up of Yugoslavia (16:49)

The Scramble for Africa

VC3: A Brief History of The Scramble For Africa (10:33)

Atlas Pro: The Problem With Africa's Borders (14:16)

The Economist: The New Scramble for Africa (4:10)

Wendover: How Africa is becoming China's China (10:47)


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Global Index: Which country will be the next Superpower? (9:42)

Cooper Academy: China Is Quietly Becoming The New Superpower (10:35)

DW: The New Silk Road (42:25) | Part 2

Israel & Palestine

VOX: Israel Settlements Explained (8:05)

cpac: Israel's Shifting Borders (2:12)

AlJazeera: Palestine and Israel: Mapping an annexation

VOX: The Middle East's Cold War Explained (10:18)