The Seasons

Seasons (Earth Rocks! 5:38)

Reasons for the Seasons (TED-Ed 5:20)

Why do we have Seasons - Interactive Simulation (PBS)

Earth-Sun Relationships & the Seasons
Animation   |   Wiki - Live weather around the globe

World Climate

NOAA:  What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

NASA: What is the difference between weather and climate? (2:00)

MET Office: What is Climate? (2:51)

MET Office: How does the climate system work? (3:51)

Why does climate vary across the globe? (Gedge: 6min)

GeoDiode: Secrets of World Climate (4:18)
See all 12 climate videos below ↓

World Mean Annual Temperatures (Wiki)

Mean Monthly Temperature (Wiki)

World Average Annual Precipitation (SAGE)

Mean Monthly Precipitation (Wiki)

Wiki: Global Circulation Model

Global Atmospheric Circulation (2:24)

The Atmosphere (Bozeman Science 12:52)

Earth's Atmosphere to Scale
(Visual Capitalist)

Wiki: Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification

GeoDiode: The Köppen-Geiger Climate System – A Quick Guide (11:38)

Why does it rain?
(Geography Lessons 2:46)

LOWERN - The six factors that affect climate

Latitude - Ocean Currents - Winds & Air Masses - Elevation - Relief - Nearness to Water

LOWERN: 7 videos describing the six factors that affect climate (TDSB)

LOWERN gDoc Worksheet
(+ gSlides)

Latitude (ScienceScholars)

Ocean Currents

Wiki:  Air Masses

Air Masses over North America

Elevation: Alpine Vegetation

Relief / Orographic Precipitation and Rainshadow

Relief / Orographic Precipitation and Rainshadow

Relief / Orographic Precipitation and Rainshadow

Nearness to Water Comparison Climate Graph

Alternatively, choose climate graphs from the Interactive World Map; e.g.
DenverNew York
BrisbaneAlice Springs

Climate Graphs

How Climate Graphs Work (3:41)

Climate Graphs Interactive World Map

InternetGeography: Exel Climate Graph Template

Climate Determinants: Oceans, Differential Heating, Coriolis Effect, Jet Stream

NASA: The Ocean - A driving force of Weather and Climate

MinuteEarth: Which came first - the rain or the rainforest? (2:47)

MinuteEarth: Why does Earth have Deserts? (2:18)

El Niño and La Niña (4:24)

MET Office: Global circulation
Part 1. Differential heating (2:50)

MET Office: Global circulation
Part 2. The three cells (3:35)

MET Office: Global circulation
Part 3. The Coriolis effect & winds (6:18)

MET Office: What is the jet stream and how does it affect weather? (5:25)

El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and La Niña

BOM: ENSO - The El Niño Southern Oscillation

BOM: Understanding ENSO (4:13)

NOAA - Oceans Today: El Niño and La Niña Explained (1:54)

NOAA: Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation

Penn State: The El Niño/ Southern Oscillation

Penn State: The El Niño/ Southern Oscillation

NOAA: El Niño Explained (2:06)

NOAA: Understanding El Niño Southern Oscillation

ENSO and the Polar jet Stream - North America (

MetOffice: Temp & Precip. Effects of ENSO

Global impacts of ENSO (

Climate Types

This series of videos by GeoDiode provides the climatic background helpful for understanding Biomes.

GeoDiode: 1. Tropical Rainforests (8:51)

GeoDiode: 2. Tropical Monsoons & Savannahs (9:05)

GeoDiode: 3. Subtropical Highlands (9:56)

GeoDiode: 4. Hot Deserts (12:02)

GeoDiode: 5. Humid Subtropical (13:41)

GeoDiode: 6. Mediterranean (15:25)

GeoDiode: 7. Oceanic (Temperate Maritime) (16:52)

GeoDiode: 8. Cool and Dry Climates (Steppes) (11:22)

GeoDiode: 9. Continental Climates (13:21)

GeoDiode: 10. Sub-Arctic (12:02)

GeoDiode: 11. Tundra (7:17)

GeoDiode: 12: Icecaps (14:16)