Canada: Physical Interactions

Supporting provincial and territorial geography and social studies courses and home schooling from coast to coast to coast, including CGC-1D and CGC-1P

Interactive gSlide set with maps of Landforms, Climate, Vegetation, Permafrost, Ecozones AND Climate Graphs from across Canada.

Online Interactive gSlide set of maps, climate graphs and a profile across Canada

Canada - Physical

Canada: Relief Map (1.6mb)
(Wiki - more sizes)

Formation of North America (1:24)

Landform Regions

Landform Regions

Physiographic Regions

Physiographic Regions (Canadian Encyclopaedia)

Climate Regions

Climate Regions

Climate - Köppen

Plant Hardiness Zones
(PDF | JPG | Website)

Canada's Jet Stream

(Vimeo from TDSB)

What factors affect temperature?
(Geographer Online 6:54)

Natural Vegetation

Natural Vegetation Regions

Forest Regions

GeoHazards: Earthquakes, Climate, and Weather Hazards

Public Weather Alerts

Current Hurricane Tracks

Most Recent Earthquakes

Canadian Disaster Database (Public Safety Canada)

Get Prepared

Preparing a Family Emergency Kit (3:46)

Current Hurricane Tracks

Historical Hurricane Storm Tracks (CanadianGeographic)

When Hurricanes Track through Canada (CBC)


Past Year of Earthquakes

Simplified Seismic Hazards Map

Historical Earthquakes

Mapping Canada's Biggest Earthquakes (Canadian Geographic)

‘Inevitable’ 9.0 earthquake, tsunami will hit Canada’s West Coast (GlobalNews)

How Canada is preparing for the next big earthquake (Canadian geographic)

Recent Tornadoes, by Year
(U Western Ontario)

Tornadoes 1980-2009
(Provincial Maps)

Tornadoes in Southern Ontario

11 of Canada’s worst tornado events over the years (TheStar)

List of 21st-century Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks (Wiki)

Tornado Information (Canadian Red Cross)


Volcanoes in Canada

Volcanoes in Canada (USask)

Volcanism of Canada (Wiki)

National Parks & Ecozones

National Parks
(High Res 6.1mb)

Ecozones (Detailed Version)

Ecological Land Classification (Wiki)

Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada Descriptions (Dated, but still accurate)

Drainage Basins JPG | PDF

HiRes: JPG | PDF

Longest Rivers

Canada: River Basins
(Decolonial Atlas)

Where terranes collide - The Geology of Western Canada (Geology: 25min)

An oldie, but very complete explanations

Formation of Canada and North America

Appalachian Highlands

Formation of the Appalachian Mountains 480mya to 270mya (EARTH Magazine)

Formation of the Appalachian Mountains with captions ( Living Earth)

Western Cordillera

Formation of the Rocky Mountains (Wiki)

More detail may be found at OpenText-BC - Western Canada during the Mesozoic

How the Rocky Mountains Formed (1:04)

Formation of British Columbia (QMI, 3:29)

Juan de Fuca Plate off Vancouver, BC, Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA

Deglaciation of North America