Map Projections

Despite the best efforts of the Flat-Earth Society, the world is, in fact, a sphere. However, this creates a problem since it is impossible to accurately render the surface of a three-dimensional globe onto a flat surface. Ever try to peel an orange in one piece, then flatten out the peel to a rectangle? Now you see the problem. The way around it is by using "projections" to approximate the world as we know it.

Mercator vs Gall-Peters Projection

clip from the sitcom West Wing S2 E16 Cartographers for Social Equality

VOX: Why all world maps are wrong

Atlas Obscura: North America in Pencil Crayon

World Mercator projection with True Country Size added (DataIsBeautiful)

The True Size Interactive World Map

Axis Maps - Map Projections Guide

Compare Map Projections

The True Size of Africa

Map Projections

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The lighter side of map projections :)


The True Size Interactive World Map

Country-centred Map Projections (Engaging Data)


- print on card stock -from 3D Geography

Beautiful Paper Globe

ready for your pencil crayons
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World Regions Map

Instructions | 11x17" Map JPG PDFMore printable world maps from