EN-ROADS Climate Change Simulator (Climate Interactive)

Ecological Footprint Calculator

(which includes carbon footprint)

Clever Carbon
The Carbon Footprint of Common Items

Climate Hero Carbon Footprint Calculator
with suggestions for reducing CO2

What is Carbon Footprint?
(Sustainability Illustrated 7:15)

Reducing Personal Climate Impacts (VOX - IOP)

Most Impactful Personal Emission Reductions (IOP)

Climate Change Solutions Simulation  Game - Canada

Carbon Counter: Cars evaluated against climate targets (MIT)

Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions by kg of food (OurWorldInData)

Personal Emission Reductions Recommended by Science Textbooks (IOP)

What is the climate impact of eating meat and dairy? (CarbonBrief)

Cities are driving climate change. Here's how they can fix it
(TED 6:18)

Carbon Pricing and Markets

How do carbon markets work?
Economicst - 9min

Climate change and carbon tax
Canada's Ecofiscal Commission  - 3min

How does Cap-and-trade work?
Canada's Ecofiscal Commission - 1:40

Carbon Pricing Dashboard
World Bank

The Gold Standard
Carbon Offsets

Understanding Carbon Offsets

Ecosystem Solutions

Ecosystem-based Adaptation
(EbA): Six ways nature can protect us from Climate Change (UNEP: 3:23

World biomes and carbon storage (Grida.no)

Above-ground carbon sequestration rate in forest and savanna biomes (YaleE360 and Nature)

Coastal Resilience
Natural Solutions

Technical Solutions - GeoSequestration

Geosequestration: The device that reverses CO2 emissions
BBC Future article

Pulling CO2 out of the air and using it could be a trillion-dollar business
VOX article

You can scroll through this amazing graphic recounting not only the history of humans on Earth since 22,000y BP, but also the changing temperature.

Best viewed on a large screen.