Biomes, Biodiversity and Habitat Loss

Nature is the life-blood of planet Earth, and biomes are our way of organizing our knowledge of ecosystems and habitats. The diversity of life on Earth is astounding and the full extent of its interconnectedness is beyond knowing. Researchers have counted fewer than 2 million species of the estimated 12 or 13 million species that exist. There is much to learn, much to be astonished by, and much to protect.

Terrestrial Biomes

Wikipedia: Biomes

OpenOregon: Terrestrial Biomes

GeoDiode: Biomes - The Living Landscapes of Earth (11:34)

Videos 1 to 8 are linked below

Biodiversity Hotspots and Protection

Wiki: Biodiversity Hotspots
Article: PennState

Global Microbial Communities (ResearchGate)

Nature: Proportion of Ecoregion as Low Impact Area, 2019

Nature: Global Extent of Low-Impact Areas, 2019

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% Protection of WWF Ecoregion

Climate, Biomes and Seasons

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MinuteEarth: How do trees survive the winter? (2:48)

Why Do We Have Different Seasons? | California Academy of Sciences (3:16)

GeoDiode: Seasons - Origin and Variation Across Earth (13:10)

Biomes of the World

GeoDiode: 1. Tropical Forests (14:29)

GeoDiode: 2. Savannah (8:44)

GeoDiode: 3. Shrublands (12:34)

GeoDiode: 4. Deserts (14:59)

GeoDiode: 5. Grasslands (10:52)

GeoDiode: 6. Temperate Forests (23:14)

GeoDiode: 7. Taiga (12:22)

GeoDiode: 8. Polar Biomes (8:46)


What is biodiversity? (WWF International: 3:04)

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Habitat Loss and the Loss of Biodiversity, including Invasive Species

How Consumption is Threatening Species – Interactive World Map

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Welcome to the Anthropocene (Globaïa: 3:37)

Biggest Threats to Biodiversity

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Road Density (m/km2) (NewSci)

Human Worlds of the Anthropocene (WorldMapper)