Plate Tectonics Illustrations

Continental Drift from Pangaea (225mya) to Laurasia and Gondwanaland (200mya) to Today

Ridge Push - Slab Pull

Plate Tectonics Profile or Cross-section through Earth's Crust

Subduction of Oceanic Crust under Continental Crust forming an Oceanic Trench and Volcanic Arc Mountain Chain

Subduction Zone Blank diagram (WiseGeek)

Subduction of Ocean Crust under Ocean Crust producing an Island Arc

Three types of Convergence in one illustration

Convergence of India and Asia forming the Himalayan Mountains

Island Arc formation by Convergence of to Oceanic Crustal Plates

Mid-ocean Divergent Plate Margin showing Seafloor Spreading

Early convergence of India and Asia with Oceanic Crust of Tethys Sea subducting beneath Asia

India-Asia Convergence Map

Movement of India Plate into Eurasian Plate

Convergence of India and Asia: three illustrations in one

Divergence forming a Rift Valley and the Red Sea

3D View of Eurasian- North American Divergent Plate Boundaries - Iceland

Divergence along mid-Atlantic Ridge through Iceland

Divergent and Transform Plate Margins - Iceland
(MDPI Geosciences)

East African Rift Valley System showing Nubian and Somalia Plates from ResearchGate

The Great Rift Valley from Lebanon in the North, through the Red Sea and Afar Junction to Kenya and Tanzania

Formation of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa through Divergence

Divergence and Rift Valley Formation leading to Seafloor Spreading

Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean

Juan de Fuca Plate off Vancouver, BC, Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA

Formation of the Appalachian Mountains 480mya to 270mya from EARTH Magazine

Hotspot creating the Hawaiian Islands