ArcGIS Indicators of the Planet

World - Physical with Countries (NationsOnline)
Population DensityWiki
Vegetation Cover - Biomes | Source
World Time ZonesInstructional Video (4:16)

Earth – Natural Land Cover

World Plate Boundaries

Blank Maps of the World (and just about everywhere within it!)

World Map with Subdivisions

Wikipedia:Blank Maps

3D Paper Globes

Free High Resolution Political and Physical Maps and data of the World supplied by ShadedRelief.com

Equal Earth Topographic and Environments
19268 × 10630 pixels - 33MB
French & Aus versions + AI files are also available

Equal Earth Political Map
19250 × 10150 pixels - 25MB

Multiple languages + AI files are also available

Large "Wall" Map
17,010 x 9,720 pixels - 34MB

Contiguous United States in Relief
15755 × 10507 pixels - 36MB
plus AI files

Global Overview

What are continents? (3:49)

How many countries are there? (5:25)

WEForum: What are the 10 biggest global challenges?

What are the universal human rights? (TED-Ed: 4:46)

SDG Tracker | UNDP Site

Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times (34:09) | UN SDGs Website

Decolonial Atlas - Maps by topic and region of the world.

World Atlas of Global Issues from SciencesPo, Paris

ResourceWatch (WRI)

(Time and Google)

Google Earth Engine - Timelapse

NASA Earth Observations – Global maps available as JPEG, GeoTIFF, CSV and KML files

Latest Volcanoes - Smithsonian

Latest World Earthquakes

Latest Tropical Cyclones - CIMSS

Also found under Climate Hazards in Climate Systems & Hazards

Carbon Brief - Mapping Events attributable to climate change

Also found under Effects of Climate Change in Global Climate Change

World Air Quality Index

NOAA GeoHazards Map of Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

At first, it shows everything. But use the Search buttons to restrict by date and severity.

Aqueduct Water Stress Atlas
also Country Rankings (WRI)

Also found in Climate Hazards under Climate Systems and Hazards

ArcGIS Indicators of the Planet

Natural Hazards Image Database (NOAA)

Climate Graphs Interactive World Map

World Temperatures

World Plate Boundaries

World Biomes

Global tropical cyclone (or hurricane) tracks

Tropical Cyclone / Hurricane Tracks

NASA EO Global Maps

3D Interactive Globe

Our World in Data


Population 2018 WorldMapper

Population DensityWiki

CIA World Factbook

Current World Population by Country (PopulationPyramids)

Population Increase 2010-2015 (Wiki)

Life Expectancy, 2016 (Wiki)

Median Age, 2017 (Wiki)

Human Development Index (Wiki)
UN Data

Fertility Rate

Subnational HDI

Religion: Dominant Religion in each Country (Wiki)

Population Growth | Map

Full Article with charts
from Our World in Data

Languages (Ethnologue)

World Languages

A World of Languages (VisualCapitalist)

Ten most spoken languages in the World

Democracy Index
Website | Video

Urban Population Data

→ search and download to spreadsheet

Migration and Refugees

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Interactive urbanization map from the Economist

World Happiness Report

COVID-19 Data

UN Urbanization Maps

World's Largest Cities


True Size of . . .

Earth-Sun Relationships & the Seasons
Animation | Wiki

Population Pyramids
Age-Sex Graphs | Video

World Migration

Simply the best visual weather website (and iOS/Android app)


What's my place in the world population?


Mapmerizer - Two Cities Side-by-Side

Urban Footprints | Source

City Comparisons

Treepedia - Canopy Cover in Cities

NASA Earth Observatory
Image of the Day

Flag Map of the World

Visual Capitalist: The $88 Trillion World Economy