World Map of Natural Hazards (MunichRE)

Global Multi-hazard Risk

Droughts, floods, extreme temperatures (% of population)

World at Risk
(USGS ArcGIS StoryMap)

What is Weather?

What is weather?

includes info on winds, air masses, humidity, etc.


Understanding weather

Includes notes and vids on clouds, fronts, air pressure, the atmosphere, etc. (MetOffice)

What's the difference between weather and climate?

(NASA Climate Kids 2:01)

Global Circulation Patterns

Part 1: Differential Heating (2:51)
Part 2: The 3 Cells (3:35)
Part 3: The Coriolis Effect (6:51)

What are air masses? (MetOffice 4:36 1:40)

Weather and Air Pressure (MetOffice)

Weather Fronts (MetOffice 4:03))

What causes wind to blow? (MetOffice 1:59)

How do clouds form?
(MetOffice 1:27)

What is the jet stream? (MetOffice 5:25)

Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tropical Cyclones and Willy-Willies

Anatomy of a Hurricane
(COM Library)

What fuels a hurricane? (Oceans-Smithsonian)

Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones (Oceans-Smithsonian)

Historical Tropical Cyclone Tracks (NASA-EO)

How do Hurricanes form? (NOAA SciJinks: 2:22)

Formation of a Tropical Cyclone (3:41)

Inside Hurricane Maria
(NASA Goddard 5:08)

Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone – What’s the Difference? (Bright Side: 10:01)

Hurricanes: Keeping a close eye on the storms


Global distribution of tornadoes

Wiki: Tornadoes

Inside a Tornado (NatGeo)

Anatomy of a Tornado (AIR)

How do tornadoes form?
(TED-Ed 4:11)

Tornadoes 101
(Nat Geo: 5:31)

Why the US has so many tornadoes (VOX: 5:50)

Tornado Ally, USA (Wiki)

Tornados: North America (ResearchGate)

Tornadoes in Ontario by Strength (Environment Canada)

Tornadoes in Southern Ontario (Environment Canada)

Tornadoes in Canada (ResearchGate)


Aqueduct Water Stress Atlas
also Country Rankings (WRI)

Understanding Drought
(BOM: 2:16)

Rethinking Drought

Lake Effect Snow

Lake Effect Snow is a highly regional and temporal phenomenon. Snow squalls from the Great Lakes can add 10s of centimetres of snow to a forecast and can be very dangerous to drivers.

Lake effect Snow
(NASA EarthData)

Lake Effect Snow in the Great Lakes Region (GLISA)

(Image Hunter College via NOAA-GLISA)

Weather: Lake Effect Snow (AOPA)

Lake Effect Snow - 14 Dec 2016 (NOAA)

Lake Effect Snow Animation
(The Vane)

Lake Effect Snow Animation (NOAA-GLERL)

Lake Effect Snow - Souther Ontario (Instant Weather)

Ice Storms

Ice Storms are infrequent but very damaging and dangerous events where falling rain freezes as ice on power lines, trees, cars, homes, sidewalks, roads and highways.

The Science Behind Ice Storms (The Weather Channel: 3:21)