Climate & Climate Change

It's not a hoax, nor is it fake news. Climate is a measurable phenomenon. We know Global Climate Change is happening. Can we now get over the arguing and actually start doing something about it?!

History of global surface temperature since 1880

Carbon and the Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle
from the Geological Society

Carbon Reservoirs
from the Geological Society

Carbon in the Terrestrial Biosphere
from the Geological Society

Carbon in the Ocean
from the Geological Society

Carbonate Compensation Depth
from the Geological Society

Hydrocarbon Formation
from the Geological Society

Evidence for Climate Change

MinuteEarth: Is Climate change just a lot of Hot Air? (2:14)

NOAAView Interactive World map with extensive ocean, atmosphere and land data over time

Causes of Climate Change

There are three types of climate change:

  1. The normal, long-term climate change, which has been happening forever, is due to fluctuations in Earth's movement around the Sun, plus it's tilt and wobble.

  2. Then there is enhanced climate change or anthropogenic climate change – the recent, very rapid warming of Earth due to the influences of people.

  3. Finally, there are short-term perturbations in Earth's climate systems caused by sun-spot activity, volcanic eruptions and phenomena like El Nino and La Nina. However, since climate is a 30-years average of conditions, these aren't truly climate changers, but part of the normal changes we experience here on Earth.

Long-term Climate Change

Milankovitch Cycles – Natural Long-term Climate Change

NASA: The Greenhouse Effect (2:29)

NASA: Causes

MinuteEarth: How do Greenhouse Gases Work? (3:08)

MET Office: Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector

from What is Climate Change?

Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature

(see below for embedded view)


NASA: Effects of Climate Change

Carbon Brief: Mapping how climate change affects extreme weather around the world

NOAA: Extreme event attribution: the climate versus weather blame game

Atlas Pro: What if Greenland melted? (8:25)

Climate Change: The View from MinuteEarth (2:48)

You can scroll through this amazing graphic recounting not only the history of humans on Earth since 22,000y BP, but also the changing temperature.

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