Ecological Footprint

What is sustainable development?

Ecological Footprint Calculator

(which includes carbon footprint)

Footprint Network Global Map

Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity by country and per capita

Ecological Footprint - Selected Canadian Cities
(from ScienceDirect)

Energy Production In Canada
Activity using ArcGIS Online
(ESRI Canada)

Canada - Land Cover

International Trade

Significance of Canada's Exports to USA (

Significance of Canada's Imports from the USA (

USA-Canada Trade Relationship (Visual Capitalist)

Free Trade Agreements with Canada (Wiki)

Why Toyota has been investing in Canada since 1988

The Circular Economy
ECC Canada 1min

Invest in Canada

The Remarkable Economy of Canada
Economics Explained - 12min

Understanding Canada's legal claim to the Northwest Passage
CBC News- 8min

Canada's New Shipping Shortcut
Wendover Productions - 11min

Arctic Corridors
(U of Ottawa, 5min)

Research team injects Inuit views into Ottawa’s plan for safe Arctic shipping
Nunasiaq News article

Mining Industry

Interactive Map of Minerals & Mining
(Atlas of Canada)

Minerals and the Economy (NRCAN)

Minerals & Metals Facts

Mining in Canada
(Mines Canada)

Canada’s mining giants pay billions less in taxes in Canada than abroad
(The Narwhal)

Canada’s Gold Exploration Frontier: The Abitibi Greenstone Belt
(Visual Capitalist)

Mining Facts & Figures - Ontario (OMA)

Mining for more: How much is mining really worth to Ontario?
(CBC News)

Mining Resources in Canada
ArcGIS Online Activity

Energy in Canada

Energy Production in Canada
ESRI Intrective StoryMap Activity

Canada's Energy Mix
CAPP Website (Oil & Gas Producers)

Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles, Canada
Canada Energy Regulator (CER) interactive website

Energy Maps, Canada
Coal, Oil & Gas, Uranium, Hydro, Pipelines - NRCAN Website

Oil Industry

Canadian Tar Sands
(Good To Know 7min)

Canadian Tar Sands Controversy (SBS Australia 15:38)

Canadian Oil Sands
(EnergyAnalyst 7:51)

Oil Sands Mining - How It Works
(CAPP 2:20)

How Suncor gets oil from sand
(Suncor 6:21)

Canada's Oil Sands Explained - 2015 Election issue
(CBC 1:27)

How does Fracking work?
(TED-Ed 6:08)

Clean Energy Options: Solar, Wind, Water

Clean Energy Resources and Projects (CERP)
Atlas of Canada

Solar Potential
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Wind Energy Potential (Gov't of Canada)

Wind Energy in Canada (PDF)
(Can Geo + NRCan)

What is water power?

Canada - Hydroelectric Power (HEP)


Forest Regions of Canada

Disturbed vs Intact Habitats

The Natural Capital Value of Canada's Forests

How Trees Talk to Each Other
(TED 18:00)

NRCan: How does the forest sector contribute to Canada’s economy?

NRCan: Is timber being harvested sustainably?

Plastics & Recycling

Water Brothers: Bottlegate

Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle
TED Ed (4:07)

Tracking Your Plastic: Exposing Recycling Myths (MarketPlace 20:31)

The Dirty Truth About Recycling (The Weekly 10min)

Water as a Resource

Water Brothers

Protecting Canada's Drinking Water  (2:36)

Canada's Water Crisis: Indigenous Families Still at Risk (Human Rights Watch 5 min)

Canada: The Water Superpower (9 min)

The Teen Fighting to Protect Canada's Water - Autumn Peltier (CBC 7:52)

Pollution in Canada

Air Pollution

IISD: Costs of Pollution in Canada

Real-time Air Quality Map

Air Quality in Canada

Interactive Emissions and Water Quality Map of Canada including Protected Areas

Water Pollution

Water Quality in Rivers by Region

Water Pollution in Canada and What you need to know (WWF)

WWF Watershed Reports: Health and Threats

If it’s not green on this map, it’s a water source that’s been hurt by climate change: report (Global News)

Climate Change

Also see → 

Global Climate Change has its own section on the Digital Atlas Project with subpages for Impacts & Consequences and Solutions – Interactive map + videos, articles, and data.

EN-ROADS Climate Change Simulator (Climate Interactive)

NASA: The Greenhouse Effect (2:29)

Ecological Footprint Calculator

(which includes carbon footprint)

What is Carbon Footprint?
(Sustainability Illustrated 7:15)

Climate Change Solutions Simulation  Game - Canada

Reducing Personal Climate Impacts (VOX - IOP)

Carbon Counter: Cars evaluated against climate targets (MIT)

The spread of Lyme Disease in southern Canada
Climate Atlas Canada - 6min

Lyme Disease in Canada
Climate Atlas Canada

Commercial Fishing

Newfoundland Cod Fishery: Lessons Not Learned?
(CBC The National 15min)

Food & Agricultural Resources

UN Report 2021 - Canadians waste 79kg/year (CBC News 7min)

How much food do supermarkets throw away (CBC Marketplace 22min)

Canadians get creative in solving food waste problem
(CBC The National 5:38)

Food Waste Update
CBC Marketplace 13min)

Food Waste in Canada (Waste Reduction Week Canada)

Food Wastage Footprint FAQs

Food Loss and Food Waste

Worldwide Food Waste

Food waste is the world's dumbest problem (VOX 9:22)