For many decades, it was thought that the biggest crisis facing humanity was a rapidly growing population. Since then, demographers have come to realize that although a growing population creates challenges, world population growth is actually slowing down, to the point where we can begin to foresee a time when population growth will level off, and may in fact decline. Furthermore, it's resource consumption, particularly by the wealthiest 1 billion, that is driving the problems we face.

World Population Through Time (6:24)


Mapping global population growth to 2060 (The Economist: 2:46)

The World as 100 People

The World as 100 People

If the World were 100 people

If the World were a village of 100 people

Demographic Trends

Gapminder Data Portal

Bubble Chart | Dollar Street | Maps | Answers | Videos

World Population Growth

Two centuries of rapid global population growth will come to an end (OurWorldInData)

Global Demographic Trends (IMF)

5 Undeniable Long-Term Trends Shaping Society’s Future (Visual Capitalist)


Mapping the World’s Youngest and Oldest Countries
(Visual Capitalist)

Overpopulation: The Human Explosion Explained (6:39)

7 Billion: Filling it up (2:33)

Excellent population and resources lessons for educators:

Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times (34min)

Malthus, population and the resource base (8:43)

Time Series: Population Density

(Our World In Data)

Wiki: Population Increase 2010-2015

How does the world population clock tick?
AAS | World Pop'n Clock

How population growth impacts the planet
(Resources focus from AAS)

Where to put the next billion people (Nature: 2:11)

Why the world population will not exceed 11 billion
(Hans Rosling - Think Global School)

Cultural Diversity Around the World (PEW)

Population Pyramids and the Demographic Transition Model (DTM)

Population Pyramids
(TED Ed 5:01)

Population Pyramids
(Geography Lesson 3:45)


Interactive pyramids and data for every country over decades

The Demography of World Population, 1950-2100 (OurWorldInData)

Animated Chart: China’s Aging Population (1950-2100) (Visual Capitalist)

Thailand and Rwanda Age Structure Comparison
(PRB 3:28)

Qatar - the world's weirdest population pyramid (2:20)

The Demographic Transition Model explained
(Geography Lessons 4:36)

The Demographic Transition Model - Interactive ArcGIS Story

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The Emerging Global Middle Class

The unprecedented expansion of the global middle class
Brookings Institute

A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier (Brookings Institute)

Hans Rosling: The Magic Washing Machine
(YouTube 9min)

The Global Middle Class is Growing (PEW 2min)

Reshaping China's Economy: Middle class and economic transformation

The Rising Middle Class Transforming Filipino Society (TheJourneyman 6:27)

The BRIC Countries
(Geography Lessons 4:15)


World Migration

Migration and Refugees

World101: Migration Explained (4:11)

Charting Culture (Nature: 5:36)


Environmental Migration (Lespace mondiale SciencesPo)

Migrant Remittances
(Lespace mondiale SciencesPo)

Displaced Persons
(Lespace mondiale SciencesPo)