About the Digital Atlas Project

with your questions, comments, corrections and suggestions for resources to add

The Digital Atlas Project grew out of our desire, as teachers, for students to have up-to-date maps and data at their fingertips whenever they need it, where ever they may be: in class, at the learning commons or library, at home or studying at a friend's house.

The days of Geography students lugging around an atlas have come to an end!

In fact, the Digital Atlas Project began life as an online substitute for out-of-date school atlases and has grown from there.

Our goal is to gradually expand the atlas. At first, we will concentrate on the World, GeoSkills and Canada, then gradually add other regions and countries, particularly those from which website visits originate. So, in one sense, your use of the atlas will drive the direction it takes.

Our other goal is to keep the atlas FREE! To help with costs, please consider "buying us a coffee" using the button to the left. Your help is always greatly appreciated!

Please, drop us an email to tell us about your use of the atlas. If you've found an amazing map to include, send us the URL. And, if you find mistakes or broken links, we would appreciate hearing about them, too.

All the best for a great year of Geography!

— Terry McDonald on behalf of the Digital Atlas project team