What is Development?

Development is the improvement of the human condition so that everyone has access to their basic needs including food, water, shelter, employment, security, human rights, and human dignity

UN Human Development Index (HDI)

Hans Rosling on Human Development

We're winning the war against child mortality
TED-Ed: 15min - 2010, but still relevant

Global Population Growth (and Development), box by box
TED-Ed 10min - 2010 but still relevant

The Magic Washing Machine (and Development)
TED 9min

Correlating Income and Life Expectancy throughout History
TGS.org 18min - 2015 but still relevant

Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen
TED 20min - 2006 but still relevant

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes BBC Four

DON'T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population
Gapminder Foundation - 60min
2015 but still relevant

Gapminder Video Collection

Development Simulations, Visualizations and Interactives

3rd World Farmer

An excellent simulation to introduce what life is like for subsistence farmers

Gapminder Bubble Charts
Make Your own! - Gapminder Foundation

The Demographic Transition Model
Interactive ArcGIS Story

5 Undeniable Long-Term Trends Shaping Society’s Future
(Visual Capitalist) Aging-Urbanization-Wealth-Inequality-Environment

Global Wealth Inequality

World-Systems Theory, Dependency Theory and Global Inequality (Then&Now 14:22)

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

Development Indicators

Social Progress Index
(Website   |   TEDTalk

HDI: Human Development Index
OurWorldInData   |   UN Data

Life Expectancy, 2019

Literacy, 2015
OurWorldInData (Full Entry)

Literacy by Age Group
Our World in Data

Medical doctors per 1,000 people

Median Age, 2017

World Hunger Map
UN World Food Programme Interactive Map

World Happiness Index 2021
(Visual Capitalist)

Electrification in Africa

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

How can we make the world a better place by 2030?
(TED: 14:39)

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UNDP SDGs Action

Atlas of SDGs 2020 - Progress (World Bank)

Project 17: A series of 5min videos of 17-year-olds and each SDG
(BBC News World Service)

Three steps to achieving SDGs
(TEDx 12min)

The global goals we've made progress on—and the ones we haven't (TED 14min)

Development Issues

3rd World Farmer

An excellent simulation to introduce what life is like for subsistence farmers

Covid Performance Index (Lowy Institute)

Egypt's Dam Problem - Geopolitics of the Nile (Wendover 17:05)

Three Gorges Dam, China: Building the world's largest (and most controversial) power plant (TED-Ed 5:37)