Impacts & Consequences of Climate Change

Warming Projections - Climate Action Tracker

Overview of Impacts and Consequences

Impacts of Climate Change

Effects of Climate Change
UK MET Office 

Effects of Climate Change
Web Portal - US NASA

Seven Case Studies in Climate Change:
Arctic, Methane, Tropical Forest, Wildfires, North American Forests, Ocean Carbon Absorption and Phytoplankton US NASA

Shrinking Glaciers and Ice Caps

Sea Ice
UK MET Office

UK MET Office

Rising Waters: Out of Balance Ice Sheets
US NASA Goddard 3min

Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice
US NASA Climate Change 3:30

Why the Arctic is climate change's canary in the coal mine
TED-Ed • 4min

Global Rise in Sea Level

Sea Level Rise
UK MET Office

Understanding Sea Level

Rising Tides: Understanding Sea Level Rise
US NASA Goddard 3min

Complexities: Sea level rise is so much more than melting ice
Verge Science 6min

Climate Central Global Mapping of Sea Level Rise

Surging Seas Risk Zone Map - Global
Interactive Map -

Coastal Flooding Hotspots

Sea Level Viewer for USA
Interactive Map - NASA

The Looming Threat of Sea Level Rise in Bangladesh
Article -

The Sinking Islands Being Destroyed by Climate Change
AJ+ Docs 14min

Preparing for Rising Seas in the Maldives
NASA Earth Observatory

Melting Permafrost

Permafrost - What is it?
@3:25 - What happens when permafrost thaws
Alfred Wegener Institute • 13min

Climate change thawing permafrost in Northern Canada
CBC News • 12:30

Article •- MIT Climate Portal

How Thawing Permafrost Is Beginning to Transform the Arctic
Article • Yale Environment 360

The Global Carbon Budget and Permafrost Feedback Loops in the Arctic
Article • The Arctic Institute

What happens when the permafrost melt?
CBC News • 4:23

Ocean acidification

Note: Ocean acidification is not a result of climate change. Rather, it is due to the greater amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from human activities. That additional carbon dioxide is being absorbed by oceans causing increased acidity.

Understanding Ocean and Coastal Acidification
StoryMap • US NOAA

Ocean Acidification
Article • US NOAA

Demystifying Ocean Acidification and Biodiversity Impacts
California Academy of Science • 12min

Ocean Acidification
and effects on ecosystems
Bozeman Science • 5min

Coral Reefs

How does Climate Change affect Coral Reefs?
Article • US NOAA

Coral reefs and climate change
Article • IUCN

The Great Barrier Reef:
Coral, Carbon and Climate Change
ClickView • 15min

Frequency and Severity of Extreme Weather Events: Tropical Storms, Drought and Flooding

Attributing extreme weather to climate change
Interactive Map •

The Accelerating Frequency of Extreme Weather
Graphic • Visual Capitalist

Why climate change makes extreme weather worse
Our Changing Climate • 7min

How climate change is driving extreme weather in 2022
Reuters • 3min

How is climate linked to extreme weather?
Article • UK MET Office

Is the weather actually becoming more extreme?
TED-Ed • 5:21

A Future of Floods and Droughts as Climate Changes
World Bank • 3min

Climate change linked to extreme drought in new study
Global News • 3min

Extreme Weather: Effects in USA
Web Portal • C2ES

How climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous
Article • Yale Climate Connections

Hurricanes and Climate Change
Article • C2ES

How climate change makes hurricanes worse
Vox • 3:22

Extreme event attribution: the climate versus weather blame game
Article • USA NOAA

The Connection Between Climate Change and Wildfires
Article + Infographic • UCS

Spatial changes in Biomes, Habitats and Wildlife

Environmental impacts of climate change: Wildlife
Article • GeographyCaseStudies

Climate change may bring big ecosystem change
Article • US NASA

How the world's climate zones are shifting
Article • YaleE360

Spatial changes in biomes and ecosystems
Mr Conrad • 6:20

Canada's boreal forest is transforming due to climate change
CBC News • 4min

Flowers Bloom Early Confusing Bees
- Effects of Climate Change on Flowers, Bees & Possibly You
HEC Science & Tech • 4:22

Spatial Changes to Agriculture

Climate Change Uproots Global Agriculture
Article •

Climate, Agriculture and the Challenges Ahead
Planet Forward • 3:46

Agriculture and Climate Change
Article •C limate Atlas of Canada

Agriculture and Climate Change
Article • EEA

Human Health Hazards

Climate Change and Health
Article • World Health Organization

Climate Effects on Health
Article • US CDC

Climate Change is Affecting Our Health
TED • 19:07

A changing climate changes disease
The BMJ • 2min

Could climate change make us sick?
SciToons • 6min

How climate affects community health
US CDC • 4:37

The spread of Lyme Disease in southern Canada
Climate Atlas Canada - 6min

Lyme Disease in Canada
Climate Atlas Canada

Economic Impacts

This is how climate change could impact the global economy
Article • World Economic Forum

How Climate Change Impacts the Economy
Article • Columbia Climate School

The Global Economic Impact of Climate Change
IMF • 5:50

Climate Change from the Economic Point of View
EconClips • 18:26

Average Annual Losses (AAL) vs GDP
for 20  most-at-risk Cities
Article • ResearchGate)


Climate change is already fueling global migration
The world isn’t ready to meet people’s changing needs
Article • PBS News

The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval
Article • The Guardian

Climate migrants: who are they and where will they go?
AFP News • 7:07

Tuvalu: Sea Level Rise in the Pacific, Loss of Land and Culture
UN • 2:11

Ocean Transport Routes

Melting Arctic ice could transform international shipping routes
Article • BrownU

Geopolitical Implications of New Arctic Shipping Lane
Article • The Arctic Institute

Canada's New Shipping Shortcut
Wendover • 11:19

Understanding Canada's legal claim to the Northwest Passage
CBC News • 8min

Climate Tipping Points

Nine tipping points that could be triggered by climate change
Infographic • CarbonBrief

The Climate Tipping Points that could change
Earth Forever
Grist • 3:34

The Tipping Point
BBC Earth • 5:15

How Close Are We to Climate Tipping Points?
Article • Columbia Climate School