Google Earth KML and KMZ Files

Google Earth is just about the best possible FREE resource available to Geographers, students and teachers. With addition of KML and KMZ files, gEarth comes alive with data.

To be clear, there are three flavours of Google Earth:

  • Google Earth Pro: the powerful, professional, standalone desktop app, which is used to view these kml and kmz files;

  • Google Earth mobile app for iPad and Android: some kml files can be viewed, provided they aren't too large; and

  • Google Earth web app (for Chrome and Safari) viewer: much like the mobile app, only some kml files may be viewed.

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SERC-Carleton Dynamic Earth

Includes layers for:

  • Plate Boundaries

  • Seismicity

  • Volcanoes and Volcanic Arcs

  • Age of Seafloor

KMZ File (1.1mb)

To avoid confusion in downloading, you must click on the KMZ or KML link to download.

Age of Earth's Lithosphere w/ Ocean and Continental Layers
KMZ file (10mb)

Population Density 2020
from SEDAC

KML file (2kb)

Tectonic Plate boundaries, names and directions from EarthRef
KMZ file 153kb

NOAA NGDC Natural Hazards Database showing earthquakes, volanoes, tsunamis

KMZ file (2.1mb)

GVP World Volcanoes showing Holocene and Pleistocene Volcanoes
Global Volcano Program

KML file (806b)

Smithsonian Volcano Database showing Shield and Stratovolcanoes

KMZ file (51kb)