An excellent way to discover urban (and urural) patterns in Canada's Census data

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Urban Geography

Why Cities Are Where They Are
Wendover Productions 16min

Why Cities Exist
Wendover Productions 13min

Urban Geography - Why We Live Where We Do
Wendover Productions 10min

Land Use
Bozeman Science 8min

How Are Cities Organized?
Crash Course Geography 12min

What is Urban Planning
Crash Course Geography 11min

What is Urban Sprawl?
Urban Planning Explained 3min

Walk Score
Determine the Walk Score for your city

Map Meaningful Places in your Community
ArcGIS Fieldwork Activity

Population Around a Point
Interactive map - Great for comparing densities of urban areas; NOTE: 5km radius circle = 78.54km2

Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe

NeptisGeoweb - Online Interactive Map of Southern Ontario

The State of Land Supply in the GTHA (UPDATE)

Toronto's Ten Cities
(Canadian Geographic)

The Four Torontos: City, CMA, GTA, GTHA
(from p8 of CSI doc)

Visualizations of Toronto and other municipalities

Solutions to Urban Problems

The 15-minute City

Case Study: Region of Waterloo Brownfield Redevelopment

2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards — Brownfields project

Region of Waterloo Brownfield Redevelopment
Green Municipal Fund 3min

What is a Brownfield?
Rick Danceer 5min

Cities and Climate Change

Ontario's Greenbelt

Ontario's Greenbelt

Greenbelt Maps

Should housing be built on Ontario’s Greenbelt?
CBC News 24min

What is the Greenbelt?
TVO 1min

A Remarkable Accomplishment - And Here's Why
OntarioGreenblet.ca 6min

Appreciating the Greenbelt’s Natural Capital
Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Values on p9

Ottawa's Capital Greenbelt