Population: 37,971,020 (2020 est.)

Area: 9,984,670 km2

Population Density: 3.92 people/km2

HDI: 0.922 (very high)

Average Life Expectancy: 82.25 years

GDP per capita: $52,144[ (2020 est)

Canada – home of "the True North, strong and free!" North America's peaceful and well-behaved northern neighbour and the second-largest country in the world, Canada also has the longest coastline and the most lakes. Despite the cold winters, the Wharton School of the Univ. of Pennsylvania says Canada has the highest quality of life in the world!

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Visit Topographic Maps for detailed landscapes from across Canada, and Continental Glaciation for information about the Great Lakes.

Canada - Satellite

Canada from Space

Canada Political

Canada - Physical JPG | PDF

Provinces & Territories Evolution - Animated

Canada & the United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2 (5:12)

The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle (2:54)

Touropia: 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

United States vs Canada - Which country is more liveable? (5:30)

Physical Environments

Visit Topographic Maps for detailed landscapes from across Canada linked to gEarth views.

Physiographic Regions

Climate Regions

Climate - Köppen

Interactive Map of Climate Graphs

National Parks. JPG | PDF

Ecozones (Detailed Version)

Drainage Basins JPG | PDF

HiRes: JPG | PDF

Longest Rivers

Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada Descriptions

Where terranes collide - The Geology of Western Canada (Geology: 25min)

An oldie, but very complete explanations

Canada: River Basins
(Decolonial Atlas)

Blank Outline Maps
JPG | PDF | All

Indigenous Canada

Native Groups, Territories & Treaties

First Nations Profiles Interactive Map

Inuit Profiles Map

How to talk about Indigenous People (CBC News 2:37)

Wab Kinew: Top 5 Stereotypes towards Indigenous people in Canada (Strombo 1:44)

Wab Kinew: 500 years in two minutes (CBC Docs 2:03)

Land Claims of the Six Nations of the Iroquois

Historic Treaties JPG | PDF

More on Treaties: and A History of Treaty-Making (PDF)

Stories from the Land: Indigenous Place Names in Canada

CanGeo: Canada's Original place Names (gEarth)

University of Maine: Coming Home - Map of Indigenous place names in Canada
(Original Map: 109mb PDF)

Longest Place name in Canada (CBC Kids 3:05)

Demographics and Population

Census Mapper
Extensive Statistics Canada Data for everywhere in Canada

Population Density, 2015

Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)

StatsCan | Wiki

Canada - Worldmapper Gridded Population

French Speakers in Canada

Population Pyramid - Animated

Canada's 43rd Parliament

2019 Election Results

Migration - Immigration and Inter-provincial Migration

Immigration Visuals

Interprovincial Migration - Origins and Destinations (StatsCan)

Net Internal Migration Rate (StatsCan)

Interactive Immigration Map

Immigration Data

Note: Data is also available from Statistics Canada for income, Age & Sex, Aboriginal Peoples, etc.

Alysha Brilla: Immigrant music video describing her experience as an immigrant to Canada (4:24)


Canada - Goods Exports 2017 | Wiki

Economics Explained: The Remarkable Economy of Canada (11:50)

USA - Biggest Export Trading Partners by State, 2016 (BI)

USA - Biggest Import Trading Partners by State, 2016 (BI)

Tourism in Canada - 2019
(BC Tourism)

Canada and the World

How Consumption is Threatening Species – Interactive World Map – Keeping an eye on Canada's Mining Industry around the world

Canadian Mining Assets, 2018
(Gov't of Canada)

Understanding Canada's legal claim to the Northwest Passage (CBC News 7:59)

Historical Canada

Significant Events in Canadian History from the Canadian Encyclopedia

North America 1791

Provinces & Territories Evolution - Animated

The History of Canada in 10 Minutes (10:03)

NFB: The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson's Bay Company (43: 27)

Though dated (1972) the Indigenous perspective is very helpful.