Canada: Changing Populations

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Population & Demographics

Canada's Population Clock

Population Density, 2015

Canada - Worldmapper Gridded Population

Census Canada

Census 2016 presented in a fun, interactive way (CBC)

Census Mapper
Extensive Statistics Canada Data for everywhere in Canada

Population Pyramid - Animated

Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)
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French Speakers in Canada

Canada's 43rd Parliament

2019 Election Results

Immigration and Inter-provincial Migration

Alysha Brilla: Immigrant music video describing her experience as an immigrant to Canada (4:24) Lyrics

Immigration Visuals

Interprovincial Migration - Origins and Destinations (StatsCan)

Net Internal Migration Rate (StatsCan)

Interactive Immigration Map

Immigration Data

Note: Data is also available from Statistics Canada for income, Age & Sex, Aboriginal Peoples, etc.