Canada:  Changing Populations

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Population & Demographics

Canada's Population Clock

Population Density, 2015

Canada - Worldmapper Gridded Population

Let's Discover Canada
Online interactive mapping activity using ESRI ArcGIS

Census Mapper
Extensive Interactive Map using Statistics Canada Data for everywhere in Canada

Census Canada

Census 2016
Interactive site - CBC

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Populations in Canada
Infographic - Statistics Canada

Population Pyramid - Animated

Population Pyramid
Interactive over Time -

Animation: Canada, Population, 1950-2020
Wikimedia Commons
(Non-loop version)

Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)
StatsCan  |  Wiki

French Speakers in Canada

Canada's 43rd Parliament

2019 Election Results

Indigenous Canada

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Populations in Canada
Infographic - Statistics Canada

Indigenous Peoples and Lands
Interactive Map - Gov't of Canada

Native Groups, Territories & Treaties
Interactive map -

Indigenous Languages
Canadian Encyclopedia

How to talk about Indigenous People
(CBC News 2:37)

Wab Kinew: Top 5 Stereotypes
towards Indigenous people in Canada (Strombo 1:44)

Wab Kinew: 500 years in two minutes
(CBC Docs 2:03)

Beyond94 : Progress towards Truth and Reconciliation in Canada (CBC News Interactive)

Paths to Reconciliation
Residential School Map and Unmarked Burial Site Map
Interactive Maps - Canadian Geographic

Inuit Profiles Map

First Nations Profiles Interactive Map

Indigenous Peoples and Lands
Canadian Government Map Room

Land Claims of the Six Nations of the Iroquois

Historic Treaties  JPG  |  PDF

More on Treaties: and A History of Treaty-Making (PDF)

Stories from the Land: Indigenous Place Names in Canada

CanGeo: Canada's Original place Names (gEarth)

University of Maine: Coming Home - Map of Indigenous place names in Canada
(Original Map: 109mb PDF)

Longest Place Name in Canada (FB - CBC Kids 3:05)

The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson's Bay Company (NFB 43: 27)

Though dated (1972) the Indigenous perspective is very helpful.

Truth before reconciliation: 8 ways to identify and confront Residential School denialism (TheConversation)

Immigration and Inter-provincial Migration

Alysha Brilla: Immigrant
music video describing her experience as an immigrant to Canada (4:24) Lyrics

Canada: Immigration Levels 1860-2020

Canada Immgration Levels 2022-2025

Immigration Visuals
Stats Canada

Interprovincial Migration - Origins and Destinations (StatsCan)

Net Internal Migration Rate (StatsCan)

Interactive Immigration Map

Immigration Data

Note: Data is also available from Statistics Canada for income, Age & Sex, Aboriginal Peoples, etc.