Everything you need to know about Planet Earth
(Kurzgesagt 7:12)

A Brief History of Geologic Time
(PBS 12:07)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Earth Rocks! 9:55)

hhmi EarthViewer


Exploring Landforms
(FreeSchool: 9:18)

Interactive Landforms (ThingLink)

The most complete Landform illustration on the web (Original)
(gDoc Worksheet)

Draining the world's oceans - animation (Visual Capitalist 0:51)

How are landforms formed and changed (Darron Gedge 5:20)

Rock Cycle - Geologic Processes Animation (0:40)
(gDoc Worksheet)

Geology - The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle (MITk12Videos 4:31)

Rock Cycle Interactive (Annenberg Learner)

GeoBus: What is the Rock Cycle? (1:13)

Rock Cycle (Earth Rocks! 3:22)

Igneous Rocks
(GeoBus 1:18)

Sedimentary Rocks
(GeoBus 1:16)

Metamorphic Rocks
GeoBus 1:17)

Geologic Time

Paleobiology Database
every fossil recorded

Geological Time Chart - Simple

Geological Time Chart
(Original: Ray Troll)

Geologic Time Scale 2018
Geologic Society of America

History of Earth Timelines

The Entire History of Earth Visualized on a Football Field (NPR Skunk Bear 4:38)

Ancient Earth: Interactive Globe

View your home town through time

Eatrio.net: Map of Pangaea with Current International Borders

The Evolution of Life on Earth (asapScience 2:29)

For ways to understand the age of Earth (TEDEd 3:44)

Life on Earth in 24 hours
The Science Magpie

4.6 billion years in 1 hour

Life on Earth in 24 hours

Weathering and Erosion (under construction)

Orogeny – Mountain-building

For more on Mountain-building, Earthquakes and Volcanoes,
see Plate Tectonics

World Mountains (FIS Wiki)

World Mountain Ranges

Continental collisions & mountain-building by orogeny
(Earth.Parts #20)

PBS: Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker Interactive Plate Boundaries

Orogeny - A tale told by the continents
(David Hasterok 11:47)

The Alleghanian Orogeny
(Callan Bentley 9:42)


More on Earthquakes may be found in Plate Tectonics

USGS Latest World Earthquakes

IRIS Earthquake Browser

NatGeo: Earthquakes 101 (5:02)

Interactive-Earth.com 3D Browser


Global Volcanism Current Eruptions

NatGeo: Volcanoes 101 (4:58)

NatGeo: Supervolcanoes 101 (3:40)


BGS: Understanding Landslides

USGS Landslides

When Nature Strikes: Landslides (5:36)

Landslides (NRCAN)

Get Prepared!

Sinkholes and Karst Formations

BGS: Understanding Sinkholes and Karst

USGS - What is a sinkhole?

Sinkholes: when the ground fights back after centuries of exploitation (TheConversation)