Urbanization or urbanisation is more than the growth of cities – it is a process of population shift from rural areas to cities resulting in an increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas.

What is Urbanization
(MrB 3min)

40 Years of Urbanization Captured by Google Earth
(Cartographer Justinian 6min)

UN Urbanization Maps

World Urbanization
(Espace mondiale SceincesPo)

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Interactive urbanization map from the Economist

Fastest Growing Cities Worldwide
(Visual Capitalist)

Rural to Urban Migration
(Geography Lessons 3:40)

Time Series: Rural vs Urban

Our World in Data - All Urban Charts

Numbeo: Cost of Living Comparison

World's Largest Cities

World's Most and Least Liveable Cities 2022 (VisualCapitalist)


Urban Population Data

→ search and download to spreadsheet

Metropolitan Poster
comparing cities around the world

Population Around a Point
Interactive map - Great for comparing densities of urban areas; NOTE: 5km radius circle = 78.54km2

Visuals of Toronto Urban Growth moved to Canada: Liveable Communities → 

The Growth of Cities in HICs

Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do
(Wendover 10:04)

Why cities are where they are (Wendover 15:43)

A Brief History of US City Planning (CityBeautiful 14:30)

Urban Sprawl - Which US city Sprawls the Most? (CityBeautiful 5:11) 

How Urban Sprawl Weighs on the US Economy (CNBC 13:12)

Cities are driving climate change. Here's how they can fix it (TED 6:18)


Urbanisation and the Rise of Megacities (1:04)

The Economist

What does the future hold for megacities (11:36)

The Economist - with sections on Planning, Congestion and Waste

World Megaregions (VisualCapitalist)

Are megacities sustainable? (3:24)

Mapped: The World's Largest Megacities by 2100 (2:26)

Visual Capitalist

Informal Settlements & Slums

Urban Population Living in a Shanty Town
(Espace mondiale SciencesPo)

The World's Largest Slums - Solutions

Habitat for Humanity

Wikipedia: Slums

VOX: Inside Rio’s favelas, the city's neglected neighbourhoods (8:59)

Kibera (29:25)
Make A Difference Films

Kibera: Michael's Story (6:15)
Amnesty International

TEDxDayton: Out of Kibera (9:01)

Solutions to Urban Issues

Retrofitting Suburbia
(TED 20:00)

What happens if you cut down all of a city's trees? (TED-Ed 5:25)

How cities can overcome their growing transport pains (WEF)

HerCity: A platform for urban design from a girl's perspective (UN Habitat)

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars (Vox 5:30)

Paris' Grand Plan to Become Europe's Greenest City (tomorrow's Build 5:49)

Why Egypt is building a new capital (Neo 15:00)

Cities are driving climate change. Here's how they can fix it (TED 6:18)

The 15-minute City

Carlos Moreno: The 15-minute City (TED 7:44)

The 15 minutes-city: for a new chrono-urbanism! - Carlos Moreno

Defining the 15-minute City
(CNU Journal)

Time to think 15-minute cities for health and equity (NCCEH.ca)

What are 15-minute Cities? (GeographyRealm)

How to build back better with a 15-minute city (C40 Knowledge)

Complete Streets in the 15-minute City (PDF)

The 15-minute city aims to build more liveable neighbourhoods. In Canada, only 23 per cent of urban dwellers live in this type of area (Globe & Mail)