Urbanization or urbanisation is more than the growth of cities – it is a process of population shift from rural areas to cities resulting in an increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas.

UN Urbanization Maps

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Interactive urbanization map from the Economist

Time Series: Rural vs Urban

Our World in Data - All Urban Charts

World Urbanization
(Espace mondiale SceincesPo)

Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do (Wendover 10:04)

Why cities are where they are (Wendover 15:43)

What is Urbanization
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World's Largest Cities

Urbanization (Wiki)

Numbeo: Cost of Living Comparison

Urban Population Data

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Toronto's Ten Cities
(Canadian Geographic)

The Four Torontos: City, CMA, GTA, GTHA
(from p8 of CSI doc)

NeptisGeoweb - Online Interactive Map of Southern Ontario


World Megaregions (VisualCapitalist)

Are megacities sustainable? (3:24)

Mapped: The World's Largest Megacities by 2100 (2:26)

Visual Capitalist

Informal Settlements & Slums

Urban Population Living in a Shanty Town
(Espace mondiale SciencesPo)

The World's Largest Slums - Solutions

Habitat for Humanity

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Kibera (29:25)
Make A Difference Films

Kibera: Michael's Story (6:15)
Amnesty International

VOX: Inside Rio’s favelas, the city's neglected neighbourhoods (8:59)

TEDxDayton: Out of Kibera (9:01)

Solutions to Urban Issues

What happens if you cut down all of a city's trees? (TED-Ed 5:25)

How cities can overcome their growing transport pains (WEF)

HerCity: A platform for urban design from a girl's perspective (UN Habitat)