Christmas: An International Festival

A web search and mapping activity examining the origins of various aspects of Christmas. Available as an editable gDoc or as a PDF, both with a blank map.
And now, it's available as a gSlide presentation and can be run without at map.(ANSWERS)

If you use it, please let us know!


Google EarthView

gEarth Navigation (2:23)

gEarth: Drawing & Measuring (2:31)

NASA Earth Observatory
Image of the Day

Antipodes Map – Where would you end up if you dug straight down through Earth>?

Google Trends - Compare two or three terms and see their geographic reach

Create Maps
World Simple & Advanced plus many country maps

National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive

Google MyMaps

Google: My Maps

Google My Maps Tutorial (15:00)

Google Earth

Google Earth Download

NASA Earth Observations – Global maps available as JPEG, GeoTIFF, CSV and KML files

Google Earth Projects

Google Earth Tutorial: Intro to Creation Tools (2:06)

gEarth: Five Tips to Start Creating with Google Earth PDF | Video (2:06)

Create your own maps and stories in Google Earth

gEarth: Recording a Tour (3:12)

Templates for 3D globes

3D Globe: Blank, Political, Tetrahedron - PDF

- print on card stock -

3D Globe: Blank, Natural Colour, Octahedron - PDF

- print on card stock -

3D Globe: Blank, Natural Colour, Octahedron - PDF

- print on card stock -

3D Globe: Physical, Rhombicuboctrahedron

- print on card stock -from 3D Geography | PDF

3D Globe: Blank, Political, Dodecahedron - PDF

- print on card stock -

Beautiful Large 3D Globe

ready for your pencil crayons
- print on card stock -
from | PDF


Create holiday ornaments using these globes and hang them from strings on your door. On strips of paper, add a greeting, each in a different language and stick them to the string.