The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle (NOAA)

UntamedScience: The Water Cycle (5:25)

The Water Cycle (USGS)

World Drainage Basins

World Drainage Basins mapped plus data

World Drainage Basins (Wiki)

Major Watersheds of the World

River Basins of the World
(Decolonizing Atlas)

River Features

Features of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Courses of a River - Blank

Features of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Courses of a River - Completed

Google Earth Presentation: River Features in the Rocky Mountains, Canada

Google Presentation: The Grand River, Ontario - Natural and Cultural Features

MinuteEarth: Why do rivers curve? (2:56)

Oxbow Lake Formation (Geography Realm, 1:15)

Meanders and Meander Scars along the Mississippi River

MinuteEarth: Why do rivers have deltas? (2:34)

Huang He (Yellow River) Delta, China, 1989-2020

Fluvial Processes
(Darron Gedge, 7:20)

River Landforms
(Darron Gedge, 5:30)

Flooding and Flood Hazards

Physical and Human Causes of flooding (MrB 3:21)

Floods 101 (NatGeo 3:26)

Storm Hydrograph

Storm Hydrograph Variations due to drainage basins and land uses

River discharge and Storm Hydrographs (GeoGuy 6:51)

River Management Strategies (MrB 5:52)

Flooding Case Study: Alberta Floods of 2013

Calgary's Flood Story
(ArcGIS StoryMap)

Flooding in Calgary from the City of Calgary

Alberta Flooding by the Numbers (

Calgary Flood Scenario Map

No flood insurance without new maps (CBC)

International Rivers and Transboundary Disputes

Water crises could lead to Conflict in the Middle East
(Planet Explore 11:09)

Egypt's Dam Problem - Geopolitics of the Nile (Wendover 17:05)