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– GeoSource 17 –

27 December 2020

Climate Graphs Interactive World Map

78 climate graphs from around the world are served to you in this interactive gSlide web-app along with maps of temperature, precipitation and biomes

For more on Weather and Climate, visit Climate SystemsMissed a GeoSource? Visit the GeoSource Archive

– GeoSource 16–

20 December 2020

What's the chance of a White Christmas?

3 maps to help you figure it out:

North America | Europe | World

– GeoSource 15 –

13 December 2020

A new SDG-oriented test from Gapminder. Dispel the myths. Beat the chimps. Test yourself, test your students, your colleagues – and learn what's really happening in the world

– GeoSource 14 –

6 December 2020

Crash Course: Geography
What is Geography?

Though we're not fans of the Crash Course format and presentation, CC Geo seems to be different. The presenter, Alizé Carrère, is well-qualified to lead us, and it's new, so we're looking forward to seeing what it offers.

– GeoSource 13 –

28 November 2020

Global Volcanism Program - Weekly Activity Report
All the latest updates on active volcanoes with some stunning photos and data.

– GeoSource 12 –

21 November 2020

Website & TEDTalk

GDP is a 20th century tool for 20th century problems. In the 21st century, our problems are different, so we need a new tool to measure how well PEOPLE are progressing.

– GeoSource 11 –

15 November 2020

from SciencesPo, Paris France is one of the most complete and feature-rich sources of information on current issues of global significance. It is available in both English et aussi en français.

– GeoSource 9 –

1 November 2020

The most comprehensive and credible website for data, graphs, data-driven-maps, teaching notes and videos.

Out World in Data - the most comprehensive website for data, graphs, data-driven-maps, teaching notes and videos.

– GeoSource 8 –

25 October 2020

Extensive data, helpful learning videos with Hans Rosling's famous bubble-graph visualization tools PLUS DollarStreet – this is a GeoEssential website! Challenge your thinking with the Gapminder test!

– GeoSource 7 –

18 October 2020

GeoDiode Channel on YouTube
Excellent videos on climate, biomes and places around the world

– GeoSource 6 –

11 October 2020

Science Fair Projects for Geography

Climate Science
Earth Science A | B
Environmental Science
Geology: A | B | C | USGS
Hydrography (Water)

– GeoSource 5 –

4 October 2020

WonderWhy: The Most Complex International Borders in the World (11:53)

Part 2 | Part 3

– GeoSource 4 –

26 September 2020

Subscribe to the NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day for unique views of the world around us from high in the sky.

– GeoSource 3 –

19 September 2020 is a feature-rich and free website for creating your own high quality online world, world regional and country maps, directly by adding colour, or by using data from spreadsheets.

– GeoSource 2 –

12 September 2020

Geoawesomeness: Top 7 maps that ultimately explain map projections

– GeoSource 1 –

5 September 2020

TED-Ed: Why people fall for misinformation